About Me!

Hi! My name is Matt but I tend to go by Talslain online. I like to make games and I like to play them as well. You can catch me on my socials to see me talking nonsense as well as playing and making games. This website has all of my projects on it, both past and current, as well as a blog that will tell you when I am thinking of new projects as well as any updates that I have made to any builds for my projects.

I currrently work full time but am soon going to be changing to part time. By doing this I am going to be able to focus on my projects, as well as starting to stream semi-full time. I am intending to start a commercial game soon and am working on the design for this now. When I get started on production for this I will be posting about it on both Twitter and my blog (non-stop).

My YouTube channel currently has a olot of videos of me playing different games. This will continue but I will also be posting more dev-log videos. I am trying to take part in at least one game jam per month, or more if I can manage it. Each of these will be added to the projects page. I will be recording these and posting time-lapses on to YouTube as well as hopefully live streaming them if I can get to it.