Blue And Red

A platform based game that sees you control two characters by switching between them and solving the puzzles that ensue as you try to escape the facility.

Blue And Red Build 0.8.1

2020-01-26 14:45:16

A new build for Blue and Red is out! This sees a few corrections from 0.7. Play it here Including

  • Both Upgrade trees are now complete for Blue Guy
  • Corrected the timing on a lever to allow a door to open correctly
  • Corrected a graphic for any tile that has a trap boor on both sides
  • Added the Gun for Blue Guy
  • Added explosive bullets
  • Added Jetpack
  • Show Fuel on screen
  • Fix the UI to show ammo level when picking up ammo boxes
  • Make UI also show keys when they are collected

I think thats all of it but if not, why not go and play it and let me know how it is? This game is basically completed now, I just need to

  • Complete the Upgrade tree for Red Guy
  • Build 4 more acts to tell the story of the game
  • Make a few cutscenes or sound tracks that will explain bits of the story to give context for what you are doing in the game
  • Add more sound:
    • Atmospheric sound for in the cave
    • Backing Music
    • Other sound effects

  • Build 0.7.2

    2020-01-17 19:14:46

    I have updated the game again. We are very quickly approaching a point where I think I could actually release this as a demo and will just need to build some more levels. Today I have finished building the complete first act. I have a time for 5 and a half minutes to complete what is intended to be a tutorial level. But that will be a bit quick as I have played this same level so many damn times. I have a few more bugs to complete as well as a few more features until it is done.
    Bugs: Player can get jammed in doors if they close with the player in them (slight issue). A few incorrect tiles and incorrect lever timers (nothing major).
    Features Finish adding the upgrades. Complete the pause menu design. Add the swim animations that I have drawn for when in water.
    After that I think I will be ready to actually release a downloadable version that I will be happy to release. Please play it and let me know what you think.

    Build 0.7.1

    2020-01-16 21:57:44

    Today's release is out. I've added lighting to make the level feel more like a cave. This also meant making a torches texture for the background to actually have something to show as a light. Checkpoints are now fully working with the cost of 10 coins. I'm thinking of adding the ability to return to last checkpoint for free providing you don't actually die. That will probably be tomorrow's work. But for now, enjoy 0.7.1.