A game I made in a little over an hour following the theme for the One Hour Game Jam, which was Pilot


How To Play

2020-03-03 08:15:51

To play this game you must avoid the clouds by flying higher or lower. This is done with the up and down arrow keys. But don't run out of fuel, collect the fuel in the sky as well to keep topped up.

My New Project Pilot!

2020-03-01 22:52:49

So I have started to try to make at least one project every week that I am planning to spend around about two hours working on.

Taking part in the One Hour Game Jam was fun but was very stressful and I wasn't pleased with the standard of game that I ended up with so I have decided I should spend some more time on it.

This game is the first in that plan and so I took to the Pilot theme of the One Hour Game Jam and took two hours to make it better. PLease play it and let me know what you think

Play It Here