A game made for Ludum Dare 46. This game was made within a 48 hour window


Fell Out Survival

2020-03-03 08:15:51

After a large broke out between three nations. Many people died, but not you! You were one of the unlucky ones.

Now you are stuck in an underground bunker with only one source of sunlight. Someone decided that it''d be a good idea to power the bunker with solar energy. You have to redirect the sunlight between the crops or the solar panels. Without electricity we will have no way of keeping the crops watered.

The battery in the solar room will show you how much energy you have.The water meter in the pump room shows you the water pressure. The terminal will keep track of the crops, make sure to check that.

Your crops should grow in about 5 days.

Good Luck!

How the game is played:

The map above shows the different rooms.

  • Water Meter shows water pressure
  • Battery shows energy levels
  • Mirror can be dragged by interacting with it
  • Terminal will show stats about the crops by interacting
  • This is the terminal view

    • Sun icon is sunlight levels
    • Water drop is the hydration levels
    • Cross is the health of the crops

    The clock shows the current day and time

    The notifications will show in the top left corner when the associated value goes below 40%

    Anything that glows green means you can interact with it.


    • WASD - Move
    • Mouse Left Click - Interact